Often the employer/workers’ compensation insurer will deny an injured employee benefits to which the employee is entitled. Workers’ compensation lawyers must be able to obtain benefits for an injured employee so that the employee can receive appropriate medical treatment for the work injury and wage loss benefits until the employee is able to return to work. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys know the workers’ compensation system and will be able to obtain those workers’ compensation benefits to which the injured employee is entitled.

If you are an injured employee, we can obtain the following benefits on your behalf:

< Medical care for the work injury, as long as it is reasonable and necessary

< Wage loss benefits for part of your lost income

< Benefits for permanent damage or loss of function of a body part

< Benefits to your spouse and/or dependents if you die of a work injury

< Vocational rehabilitation services if you cannot return to your pre-injury job or to your pre-injury employer

We will provide you with a free initial consultation and you will pay no attorney’s fees unless there is a recovery of workers’ compensation benefits on your behalf.

Please contact Robert M. Maus by e-mail at rmaus@baudlerlaw.com or by telephone at 800-351-2393, to ask any questions or to make an appointment.